Posted by Zealon on Jun 8, 2017 @ 09:16 AM
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Friendly Greetings!

It's no secret that these forums haven't been touched or used in a long time. And, after our failed efforts in trying to revive them after transitioning to Guild Wars 2, it was basically decided that the forums would remain as no more than a reminder of what Wild Seven once was, with an archive of memories.

However, just because the forums are no longer active doesn't mean that the community itself is no more. Oh, no, no, no! Fret not, my friends. Even though the forums are barely ever touched any more: many of us have shifted over to using Discord. It may not have the same look or feel, or be as organised as the forums - but it's become our home in the modern world, which we can take with us wherever we want, as Discord is also a portable app that you can install on your smartphones for free!

Though, I'm fairly sure by now most of you already know what Discord is, as it's gained a lot of attention over the past couple of years, and has come to be known as the killer of Skype and TeamSpeak.

But alas, instead of rambling on and praising Discord for its usefulness - you can click on the following invitation, either on your PC or mobile device, and be granted immediate access to our server:

Or, if clicking the link doesn't work for you... Try copy and pasting the URL when pressing the Create or Join server button on Discord, like as shown:

You will be greeted by two channels, #welcome and #verify-me, but if you follow the simple steps provided: you'll be granted access to the rest of the server, and be able to talk with your fellow comrades once more!

We hope to see you there! There's still a few faces that those of us who do use Discord truly do miss being able to talk to!

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