Code of Conduct

Welcome to the forums and thank for you taking an interest in joining Wildseven, however we must ask that you familiarize yourselves with these rules, before you submit an application, which you do so from here.

I. General Rules

For most of us, Wildseven has been a family for a very long time; where we will share knowledge, aid those who need assistance and be there for our members, whether new or old.

We believe a lot in being equal, within reason, so we must ask that new members don't hesitate when they have questions or are in need of assistance from other members or guild officers.

However, when asking for help - we must ask that you try your best to provide some assistance in return, so that nobody feels like they're being favored above others.

II. Guild Structure

Wildseven is a guild that came from a very competitive game, which forced us to expect the best from our members, however in this case - We want nothing more than players who are compassionate about the game and would like to try to experience every aspect of it, whether that be with PvE, PvP or World vs. World.

Although we will not ask of our members to represent the guild 24/7, we must ask that whenever we participate in guild events that all members have the [WILD] tag beside their name, as so to earn influence as well as to make sure nobody misses out on anything that may be said in guild chat, that wouldn't necessarily be posted elsewhere.

We mostly welcome Roleplayers and PvE-Orientated players, as we feel that the rewards are better from participating in Group Events than there are from doing Structured PvP or World vs. World.

As for PvP - We currently do not have or expect to have a presence in WvW aside from when everyone feels up to it or would like some action, to do a part for our home server.

However, when it comes to Structured PvP: We will eventually be organizing teams for tournament play as well as for learning experiences, where we'll mostly populate a room and have our members test out their skill, whether it be with 1v1s or actually having teams fight each other, to improve their strategy and skill.

We don't require that each member has to participate in PvP activities, as we want to have a little bit of everything for our members, but if you are interested in trying it out - then all you have to do is ask to join those who are known to enter the Heart of the Mists, whether or not you can tag along with them.

III. Communication

As previously mentioned - long term members of the guild feel that Wildseven is a family, and that wouldn't of been possible if we weren't able to communicate with each other; so we must ask that when it comes to guild chat that you follow some very simple guidelines, as not to displease or offend anyone else:

• Language

Although we are an international guild with people varying from all over the world - the official language for the guild is English; members must be able to understand and express their opinions in English, with the possible aid from other members who are bilingual.

• Profanity

We must ask that this is kept to a minimum, however we do understand that the occasional bad word will slip out every here and there, but in excess - it does become aggravating for other members, especially when there may be minors in the guild that we do not know of.

• Racism & Stereotypes

If there is one thing that we will not accept - it is the belittling of another ethnic race or stereotyping a general interest; which is why we must ask that if you have an issue with someone of a different race to yours, that it never shows its presence in the guild, and most especially we must ask that you do not harass or insult any one of our members that may fit under a category that you dislike.

But we must advise, that if you do have an issue with someone whether it be their skin color or their sexual preferences (i.e: Homosexuality), that if you come into the guild, you are to leave all that at the door and not bring your opinions about another person's lifestyle to the table.

And if you are being harassed, we must ask that you come forward to a guild officer immediately, providing proof (if needed) of your claims, where we will sort the issue out, as subtle as we can.

• Spamming

Although we ask of our members to ask the guild for help when needed - We do not tolerate spamming or harassing our members for assistance if it cannot be given; but we do ask that you do make yourself clear when asking for help, as so that other members can notice and understand exactly what it is you want.

For example; if there is a discussion going on and you post your plea in the mists of it - chances are that not everyone will acknowledge your comment, and in the event that you do not get a response, you're more than welcome to ask several times, as long as it isn't repetitive or in excess.

• Item Handling

Usually, when someone acquires an item that they do not need but plan on selling or salvaging it - they ping the item of question into guild chat, to see if anyone wants it before they have their way with it, and so we must ask that if you do acquire an item that may or may not be of some use to another, especially when it comes to materials (i.e: Cores and Lodestones), that you check to see if anyone in the guild wants it, whether in-game or in the Marketplace here on the forums.

However, if you are one who would like to obtain an item from someone, but another member of the guild would also like to have it - that you take into consideration about whether or not you truly do need it, as just to give other members a chance if, say, they are looking for certain materials to craft a weapon or piece of armor, especially when it comes to creating legendary weapons.

Please do not harass other members about or for items that they ping into guild chat, but do not have any intent on giving away or selling.

IV. Guild Events & Meeting Places

Whether it comes to doing Guild Missions or events that are just for fun, we must ask that if you can be present, that you are present, not only so that the events can be larger, but so that you can do something with everyone else in the guild.

When it comes down to it - we want to be a very social guild, whether that comes down to event participation, roleplaying or just casual meet ups for guild members to entertain and have a laugh with their fellow guild mates.

As far as meeting places go - we do not have a specific area to choose from - and so we will leave that to be decided by the majority of the guild, so that if someone new to the guild doesn't know where to hangout with other members of the guild - they will know exactly where to go.

V. Roleplaying

We are a very RP-Friendly guild, and accept any and all kinds of roleplay, whether it be in taverns of major cities or in towns that are scattered around all of Tyria, and we don't want to put any limits on what can be roleplayed and where, as long as it's fun for all participants.

There aren't any real rules set for RP, aside from that we must ask that if you are given an offer to roleplay, whether that be with having someone come up to you and ask if you've seen any suspicious activity, that if you don't want to participate - that you at least provide a response, with as much or as little detail as you want, as long as it doesn't come across as something in bad taste.

VI. VoIP Services

We frequently use Ventrilo and Mumble - and even though we do not require all of our members to take advantage of our VoIP services, we must state that everyone in the guild is welcome to make use of the facilities that we provide, even if you do not wish to talk vocally, as we find that when it comes to certain events, dungeon parties or World vs. World that being present in a verbal communication program helps with making people feel more involved in activities.

Although, if you are to use our voice programs, that you continue to follow the guild chat rules, as they apply not only for guild chat, but on ventrilo and even here on the forums as well.

VII. Enjoyment

Out of all the other rules, we feel that this is the most important of the lot - We want each and every one of our members to feel like they can have fun and experience guild life in a very satisfying nature, and that if you are finding something that comes across as not being fun - that you bring it up with your guild mates or a guild officer.

If you feel like you're being treated unfairly; not being invited along to dungeon parties or little events formed by other members of the guild - that you come to us about it, as so not to let things stay bottled up or get out of hand, as all we want is to provide a caring guild for those who want it.

Terms of Service Agreement

By reading these rules, you agree to our code of conduct and take into account that any actions that go against them, depending on the extent you break our terms - that any and all actions taken after the first strike (if any) - will be held against you and monitored closely by guild officers.

If you are caught to be blatantly harassing or displeasing other members by breaking the rules, we will not hesitate to remove you from the guild, within reason.

Always - Always - ALWAYS come to a guild officer if you feel like you are unsure about something or someone in the guild, so that we can look into it or help you along in understanding what it is you're concerned about.


We hope that the guidelines provided are easy enough to understand and not too strict; as although we are a guild meant for casual, friendly gamers - we also do not want to end up leaving any member feel left out or isolated in any way.

However, there is one last thing that we must ask: When it comes to submitting an application to join the guild, that you accept grape juice as your favorite beverage, to show that you have read over the rules.

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